Jouvert time!

trinicarnivalmuddreertAs is the tradition in the neighbouring twin-island Republic of Trinidad and Tobago, today began the two-day costume celebrations that bring Carnival to a grand climax.

With tourism arrivals forecasted to be in the region of 60,000 for the big event, locals and visitors today took to the street, first for the early morning Jouvert, that sees many partying while covered in mud, paint, oil and “liquid chocolate”.

As the monarchs of the festival have all been crowned, it was time today for the people to hit the roads, dancing to the hottest tunes of carnival in blazing sun.

The colours of the rainbow were evident in the Kings and Queens of the costume bands, and also among the revellers on the streets, as they jammed a longer and expanded route, with a number of changes hoped to ease the customary congestion on day one — Carnival Monday, of the two-day jump up. (LB)

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