Extreme weather in US

Workers clearing snow from the streets in Times Square after the blizard.
Workers clearing snow from the streets in Times Square after the blizard.

CAMBRIDGE – The US Northeast was digging out yesterday after a blizzard dumped up to 40 inches of snow with hurricane force winds, killing at least nine people and leaving hundreds of thousands without power.

As the Northeast cleared roads and shovelled out, another storm bore down on the Northern Plains and tornadoes threatened the Southeast in a weekend of extreme weather across the United States.

A tornado which appeared to be a mile wide touched down in Hattiesburg, Mississippi, causing significant damage, said Anna Weber of the National Weather Service. The twister also hit the nearby town of Petal where it destroyed a brick building.

In New York City trucks plowed through residential streets, piling snow even higher at the edges and leaving thousands of motorists to dig out their buried vehicles.

Another round of severe weather today was expected to bring more misery, with freezing rain and more snow predicted that would make the evening commute even more difficult.

In Boston, Mayor Tom Menino cancelled school today after touring neighbourhoods throughout the city, where two feet of snow fell.

Utility companies reported that some 350,000 customers were still without electricity across nine states after the wet, heavy snow brought down tree branches and power lines.

Air traffic began to return to normal after some 5,800 flights were cancelled on Friday and Saturday, according to Flightaware, a flight-tracking service. (Reuters)

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