Excellent job by BLP speakers

I saw the live streaming of the BLP meeting held at Black Rock on February 7 and was impressed with how the issues were handled. It was remarkably devoid of the usual abuse and innuendo of their opponent’s sexuality. There was even very much comedic relief, but one got the impression that the audience was very attentive.

Of course at this stage the campaign, the Government would be defending its record and the Opposition would be prosecuting the Government’s performance over the past five years, so that was a fairly heavy emphasis of the meeting.

Each of the speakers did and excellent job. Mia Mottley and Owen Arthur were both outstanding, but so was everyone else that I heard. I was particularly impressed with the newcomers like Santia Bradshaw, Ian Gooding-Edghill and Gregory Nicholls. Ronald Toppin was very effective and I was wonderfully surprised by Reverend Atherley’s presentation which rounded out the night’s proceedings. Unfortunately, I joined the meeting after Arthur Holder spoke, so I do not know how he performed.

What came through was a philosophy/perspective about how the country should be governed and a sense of purpose and commitment to accomplish an agreed agenda. Everyone hinted, to a lesser or greater degree, at the plan for taking the country forward.

The meeting was the best, most substantive one that I have seen for the election season to date. So it seems that the tone of the BLP platform has begun to change.

I hope that both parties can reach this level of discourse in the remaining meetings of the campaign. I definitely will be viewing the next available stream from the DLP to see if the governing party has also raised its game.

— David Brathwaite

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  1. Kay-rani rosita February 13, 2013 at 1:25 am

    As long as you are being fair as anyone with a conscience would be.


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