Bajans not illiterate

blpmiaintherainBarbadians are not illiterate people and should let the Democratic Labour Party know that on election day.

“Reject them at the polls”, BLP St. Thomas candidate Cynthia Forde told the crowd gathered in Lammings, St. Joseph last weekend for a mass meeting.

“The posters I understand were made overseas I don’t [know] … but I know the container was at Cost U Less and Cost U Less get a lot of perks – before they could open up concession after concession, after concession.

“But I hope they open after the Government change so that some of you can get some employment too because you are hurting with the hardship that this Government has put you through with the mismanagement of the affairs of Barbados,” she said.

She recounted the first time she saw the posters and billboards with the DLP’s candidates, whose surnames are written first. In the first instance she saw James Paul’s posters.

“It said Paul James. I wasn’t so sure if the police had put that up looking for somebody that’s missing so I said it was probably a mistake but he’s using it in the interim until the right ones come along. I did not know it was deliberate,” she said.

After seeing more of them she asked: “What do those posters stand for?”

“We boast of the free education that the founding leader of the Democratic Labour Party provided, but you’re telling me that we’ve given you this free education over all these years and I know what Freundel Stuart said about if people don’t go to vote then it means that the millions of dollars we’re spending in tertiary education, the free education, if they don’t go to vote then they could go back to the cane field. That hurt me under my navel because that’s how my mother raised seven little children to be able to survive.

“And it struck me that the Democratic Labour Party seems to think the public of Barbados is illiterate or stupid because they have taken the policy that when you go to the polls you will see the surname before the Christian name so they think you are so dumb that they put Paul James, Carrington Michael, Stuart Freundel.

“Send back the message to the Dems that you are literate and despite whatever little bit of education you have you know how to read and write and reject the Democratic Labour Party.

“It is a disgrace in Barbados in the year 2013 for them to bring those posters and not to use the facilities in Barbados in the printeries. The Barbados Labour party made sure that their posters are 100 per cent Bajan, their paper might have come from overseas but printeries in Barbados printed our posters and I am sure the printeries in Barbados would continue to get employment once the Barbados Labour party becomes your Government,” he said. (DS)

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