Vote, you must!

dlpellertonpmmathsPrime Minister Freundel Stuart told the sceptical young people of Barbados late last night, they had a political obligation to vote.

Addressing a Democratic Labour Party youth rally at Ellerton Playing Field in support of St. George South candidate, Dr. Esther Byer-Suckoo, warned those youth who had been suggesting that voting did not make any difference, that in fact their future depended on it.

“Politics is not a sport-making affair. All of the opportunities you young people now enjoy, had to be fought for. People lost their lives, therefore you cannot afford to say you are not voting because it doesn’t make any difference,” admonished Stuart.

“Voting makes a difference. If you are driving a vehicle and you take your hands off the steering wheel and end up in a gully, that is tantamount in politics to not voting.”

The DLP head noted that the only requirement now to be able to vote was for a person to be 18 years or over.

“You young people you are under a political obligation to let your voices be heard in the upcoming election,” Stuart advised. “The opportunities that you enjoy are the result of those who have gone before. You can’t continue to sit on the fence and pretend that it does not matter who wins. It matters who wins.”

Stuart told the well attended youth rally that it matter who won the February 21 general elections, because the Barbados Labour Party was against all the “progressive” measures for the development of Barbados and Barbadians.

He gave examples such as child maintenance and victims of domestic violence initiatives.

“You cannot afford to sit back and do nothing. The stakes are too high to Barbados for women, for young people, for the disabled. The stakes are too high for everybody,” cautioned the ruling DLP political leader.

Stuart urged that a vote for the DEMS, would therefore allow it to continue with the job of national reconstruction for the betterment of the country.

“Let us put off the works of darkness which is the BLP and put on the works of light, which is the DLP,” he declared as an analogy to illustrate the distinction between the two major political parties.

When Prime Minister Stuart appeared on stage to the near deafening cheers of supporters, he greeted Byer-Suckoo with a hug and then launched into his speech. (EJ)

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