Time to end reign of terror

blpcarlisleondeckThe Democratic Labour Party’s reign of terror lasted for five years too long.

And on February 21 the Barbadian people must break their silence and vote them out, says Barbados Labour Party candidate for St. George South, Dwight Sutherland.

In an address tonight to a large crowd in Carlise Car Park in the City for the official introduction of the BLP candidates, he told them that the DLP Government betrayed them and failed in all spheres of society. Adding that it would be devastating for the electorate to take another chance on them. “There is no doubt that we are at the historic crossroad of a most unpalatable nature. The evidence is there in epic portions all around us,” he said.

The people of Barbados were promised everything short of manna from Heaven from the Democratic Labour Party in an effort to gain power in this country, but what we got, instead was bitter gall in a massive betrayal of the trust of the people of this country.

“Never in the history of this country†has there been such an incompetent coalescent of misplaced priorities and misused opportunities and we know that the Democratic Labour Party†has fallen from its philosophical moorings and is now incapable of getting back on track as a result of the times that we are in and they want to beg for a second chance — and I say not another day for them,” said the first-time candidate.

“It is not only that things are dread; it is the ineptitude…, it is the inability of the Democratic Labour Party to address issues such as CLICO and the Alexandra School. This is the most damaging feature of the Democratic Labour Party reign of terror and they’re not fit to govern.”

Referring specifically to the St. George South constituency, Sutherland said that constituents there too felt a sense of dismay because of lack of representation but pledged that when elected he would not be an absentee politician.

Stating that unlike the I Minister of Labour and incumbent DLP representative, Dr. Easter Byer-Suckoo, he would be there for the people of St. George South to continue the programmes and projects he started.

“Tonight I come to you for you to make a choice and if you love your country and if you love yourself and if you love your children you will choose the Barbados Labour Party under the leadership of the incomparable Owen Seymour Arthur. I say to you tonight, I am proud to be a member of the experienced and qualified youthful team.

“We have seen in the 14 years that we have reduced unemployment, from 22 per cent to single digits, we have created over 30,000 jobs, we have controlled energy prices in this country and we have raised salaries consistently and we have reduced taxes in this country and will do it again. A vote for the Barbados Labour Party is a vote for change and a vote for good governance,” he said. (KC)†

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