People suffering bad

blpproudoftheredThe people of St. Michael South Central are suffering and they can’t take it any more, says Barbados Labour Party candidate, David Gill.

Speaking at a BLP mass meeting in Quaker’s Road in St. Michael Friday night, he told the gathering that the incumbent Democratic Labour Party candidate, Richard Sealy, and the Freundel Stuart-led Government have forgotten the people.

Gill said that after “48 months of sleeping” the Prime Minister said he was now awake but he believed Stuart was experiencing a case of “sleep walking and sleep talking” while the people of St. Michael South Central and the rest of the island continued to feel the pain.

“The children’s teeth are set on edge,” he said.

“A manifesto is a social contract and they broke this contract from the moment that they said that they would remove VAT from electricity, and never did we have a reduction. This week and last week was the first time in my life I ever heard so many people say, ‘Mr. Gill I want help with my light bill…’ Some get cut off last Saturday night and they give others until Monday and Tuesday.

“Stuart, you will go down in history as having pushed back the children in Barbados to go and study their homework by lamp light. These children are eating substandard… You can go to any supermarket, any urban supermarket, and ask them what are the two fastest sellers, and they will tell you noodles and tuna and children have to eat that three times a week,” said the hopeful.

He further chastised his opponent for forgetting the people from the constituency once more, especially those who lived in squalor, when the units in the housing development in Stuart’s Lodge in Tweedside Road were being placed.

“If tonight there are three people from Carrington Village, Halls Road or Martindale’s Road living in that development that is a lot. Not only that, there are persons in close proximity to that housing development who should have been in there but now live in substandard conditions.

“If there is one thing that Owen Arthur used to say to you, it was, ‘Any time you improve a facility or the surroundings make sure you accommodate those unfortunate persons around you’,” said Gill. (KC)

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