No turning back

dlpelertonyouthsenatorThe stakes are too high for Barbadian youth to abandon the Democratic Labour Party in favour of the Barbados Labour Party.

DLP youth spokesman Andre Worrell told young people assembled last night at a youth rally at the Ellerton playing field, St. George that the party had been good to the youth and they would be settling for less if they chose the Bees.

“Tonight I know many of you are out there and you are probably asking the question ‘Why should I vote and which party deserves my vote?’. But I want to let you know tonight the importance of your vote and for you to leave here with a strong message and a conviction that the Democratic Labour Party is the party which deserves your vote,” he said.

“The choices in this election are too high, the stakes are too high for you especially the youth of Barbados not to vote and for you especially the youth of Barbados not to support the Democratic Labour Party, a party which has stood by the people of Barbados, a party which has stood by the youth of Barbados and a party which has delivered for Barbados in a very trying time during an economic recession.”

Worrell also said that while young people, including him, were tired of hearing about how bad the recession was, it was important for them to understand that the DLP Government had done its best over the last five years to ensure the people were not negatively affected.

“Now I know that many of you are well aware that we the Democratic Labour Party came to office during a very difficult time, during an economic recession, it is the worst recession that we have ever faced,” he said.

“Our regional neighbours are being impacted by it, world super powers such as the United States, the United Kingdom they are being impacted by it and I know that many of you are tired of hearing about it. “I too am tired of hearing about it, but I want to let you know tonight that through the dedication and the hard work of the Democratic Labour Party we have stayed the course and we have weathered the worst economic recession and we have been able to provide for the people of Barbados.

“And I want you to recognise tonight that under the Democratic Labour Party a number of the social services in Barbados are functioning way better now than they were under the Barbados Labour Party in times of plenty when this country was doing good,” he added.

Worrell also told the youth that if they gave it serious thought there was no comparison between the Dems and Bees. “Tonight the choices that you face as voters, as electors, you have two choices. One choice is to stick with a party which is looking to create new avenues for job opportunities and new avenues in which this country can gain revenue so that we can continue to maintain the stability of Barbados by offering the social services which have helped foster our development,” he stated.

“The second choice which you have would be to go to a situation where the state reduces its responsibility and the provision of these social services and privatise everything, making it harder for every single Barbadian.

“But I want to convince you tonight, and to reassure you tonight that the best choice is the choice of staying the course with the Democratic Labour Party because under the Democratic Labour Party the delivery of services such as health care, education, transportation … have improved.” (SC)

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