No mock-sport

dlpellertonentertianedA re-elected Democratic Labour Party will not be making sport with sports. Addressing youth gathered at Ellerton playing field last night for a DLP youth rally, Minister of Family, Culture Sports and Youth, Stephen Lashley said that in addition to the special Sports Development Act he previously mentioned, there would be special emphasis on the development of football, volleyball and road tennis, among other activities.

“We have said that we are going to develop sports in Barbados and the avenues for development of sports what we will do we will put in place a Sports Development Act designed to take sports into the full realm of an industry,” he told them.

“What that means is that all of the sporting enthusiasts, the footballers, the volleyballers, the road tennis players, the managers, sports therapists, and the sports doctors will have an opportunity for the first time to grow a business and get involved in sports in a big way. “I want to also say to you tonight that a key part of our sports thrust will be to work with partners to launch a professional football league…”

Lashley also reiterated there would be no abandonment of the David Thompson Memorial Football Tournament once the DLP got another term in office following the February 21 general elections.

“So that our involvement in the David Thompson Memorial (Tournament) is not going to stop there. It is our intention to take football to even a higher level in Barbados and therefore when we put in place the Sports Development Act we want to make sure that we can attract professional football in Barbados and develop the kind of enthusiasm in sports in Barbados that will take you to higher places,” he said. (SC)

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