Need for Bees

blpcarlislebaricadeChoosing one of the finest political teams ever assembled in Barbados, or re-electing one characterised by broken promises: This, said Barbados Labour Party St. James North candidate Edmund Hinkson was the choice facing Barbadians on February 21.

“We have a Government that has failed to live up to the standards that we are accustomed to. We have a Prime Minister that vilifies the good candidates of the Barbados Labour Party every time he speaks,” he said tonight at the BLP’s candidate launch at Carlisle Car Park. “It is time that we vote for the Barbados Labour Party. We have presented to the people of Barbados a team of youth and experience, one of the finest teams ever to have assembled before the people of Barbados as candidates.

“We in Barbados have the opportunity to vote for a better tomorrow… Please go and cast your vote in favour of the Barbados Labour Party and let us have a competent capable Government … and let us get back again a just economy and a just society.”

St. Andrew candidate George Payne said it was times like these that the BLP was most needed. “Whenever our democracy and standard of living is under threat the people of Barbados have always turned to the Barbados Labour Party to relieve them from their pain and suffering,” he said.

“At 29 minutes to one on the 22 of February 2013 Owen Seymour Arthur and his team will relieve Freundel Stuart from his slumber… There will be no ringing of bells in the house of [Irene Sandiford-] Garner — all is well in St. Andrew.”

After his introduction, St. Lucy candidate Peter Phillips also voiced his confidence of winning a seat that has traditionally been one of the DLP’s strongest.

“As soon as it came to the turn of the candidate for St. Lucy the rain began to fall and I say to you coming out of Pie Corner and coming out of Oxford and coming out of places like Swampy Town, and Checker Hall the news is that the votes will rain in on February 21 and Peter Phillips and the Barbados Labour Party will be victorious in St. Lucy. The political David would have conquered Goliath and I am yours now and for ever,” he said. (SC)

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