Join BLP on sacred journey

blpcarlislearthurholderBLP St. Michael East candidate Trevor Prescod tonight brought a message of one love, one aim and one destiny.

Speaking at the party’s launch of its candidates in Carlisle car park, the City, he said that he was “witnessing a landmark, a special watershed in the political history of Barbados”.

“I can read the body language. I’m asking you to go with us on this sacred journey for the liberation of the people of this country from the most oppressed regime in the history of Barbados.

“I am calling on you in every geographical space. In the east in the west, in the north, and in the south go with us on this sacred journey …,” he said.

The former minister of social care asked their supporters to go out and vote for him on February 21 to deliver the “avalanche” he promised St. Michael South-East candidate Santia Bradshaw.

In her address, Bradshaw, the first-time candidate running in St. Michael South-East, said she would be bringing home that seat for the BLP.

“Tannis does not know what he is up against, but he will find out on election day, she said.

The candidate said when she was younger she aspired to be a BLP candidate and tonight she was proud to be a member of the party, which would bring a better tomorrow, and hope for all.

St. Michael South Central candidate David Gill urged the party’s supporters to steer clear of the Dems who have been boxed in. (DS)

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