Gang warfare claims three lives

PORT OF SPAIN – Gang warfare yesterday claimed the lives of a father and his two sons who had nothing to do with an on-going battle between gangs from Beetham Gardens and Laventille.

It was alleged that the motive behind the triple homicide was so that a message would be sent to a particular gang member who was related to the three deceased.

The triple homicide took the murder toll, according to an Express count, to 44.

According to the police, two gunmen entered the home of Kerwyn Melville, aged 39, at Eastern Quarry, Laventille around 2 a.m. and opened fire.

Melville was hit several times about the body and died instantly.

Thirteen-year-old Jahleel Hakim Melville was hit as well and also died instantly, while Kerwyn Melville’s other son, Shakeil Melville, aged 16, was also shot.

Shakeil Melville died around 9 a.m. at Port of Spain General Hospital.

Police explained that although Kerwyn, Jahleel and Shakeil Melville had nothing to do with any gang-related activity, they have a close male relative who is reportedly in a gang.

Police also said that because of the rival gang’s inability to find this particular gang member, they murdered his relatives to “send a message” to this man. (Express)

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