Future starts with DLP

dlpclevedakepatriciainnissThe Democratic Labour Party candidate who is seeking to remove the Barbados Labour Party’s incumbent in St. Michael North East, told the electorate last night that if they voted again for the Dems, that’s when their future would start.

Patricia Inniss, who was addressing a mass meeting at Clevedale, Black Rock in support of St. Michael West Central candidate James Paul and St. Michael North West incumbent, Chris Sinckler, said the Bees had badly damaged the country during its 14 years in office.

“I am still waiting for an apology from the Barbados Labour Party. We have to prosecute the damage done by the BLP. The BLP has not atoned for their sins,” asserted Inniss.

She suggested that some labour party leaders needed to resign and give up politics “and go home”.

The St. Michael North East candidate told supporters the Owen Arthur-led party was not to be trusted.

“I don’t trust how the BLP leaders manage finance,” she said.

On the issue of jobs, she urged Barbadians to embrace her party’s efforts at developing a green economy, which would create substantial employment.

Inniss also pointed out that the $20 million Renewable Energy Smart Fund was being accessed.

“Don’t mind the BLP,” added the prospective parliamentarian. “Better days are coming… It’s going to be like Christmas, when the Barbados Light & Power Company Draft Act come into being. You would be able to produce power from outside of the Light & Power and sell it back to them.”

She informed the meeting that a photovoltaic and wind turbine project would also unfold if they returned the DLP to government. (EJ)†

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