Faith is key

independentsinthefieldhandshakePoor people don’t need money, they need faith, says Steve Hunte.

That was one of the messages the leader of the Kingdom Government of Barbados and independent candidate contesting the Christ Church South seat told residents in Harmony Hall as he asked them to support his bid to represent them in the House of Assembly.

He explained that faith in God would bring about the things that they needed in their life including money and a vote for him was a vote for hope. What he told Barbados TODAY however, was that he wanted to see a change in governance of the affairs of Barbados.

He was canvassing the areas of St. Lawrence that included Harmony Hall and Bamboo Gap before heading to Dover on Friday evening. He was accompanied by other independent candidates Alex Mitchell, Eric Marshall and Mark Adamson who have all come together to form the Coalition of Unified Parties.

“I was born and brought up in this area for years and I recognised that during the part of politics that brings deliverance to the people is a task and you must have the amount of strength to get it done.

Independents conversing with Christ Church residents.
Independents conversing with Christ Church residents.

“The Coalition of Unified Parties decided to come together for truth and to call for change for the people. That’s why they’re supporting me here right now and I understand that we are here for change. I call that change the exchange we need to change some form of government; we need to see the true form of government over the people of Barbados and I’m here … to make a change as an independent person representing my constituency in Christ Church South.

“We have a cup called the Coalition of Unified Parties and we have a blessing that will come from that cup. Also this cup is another cup of fury, I call it fury which means punishment, CUP — cruel and unusual punishment — for the evil things that have been doing in this nation from the church house to the government house.

God tells me he’s going to punish the evil works of the iniquity of the people that is being pervading from the church even to the politics, which are the two main institutions that govern people in every nation. “This is what I’m about, bringing righteousness, justice and truth based on the Bible because my representation first is to be a representation of God and then politics and then money and then society which I call the gauging system.

“RPMs — religions, politics and money — and if we install the gauge right in the system of our engine we call the economy, Barbados can be a viable economy, a sustainable economy and … an economy for the people…,” Hunte said.

The other candidate will be out and about in their respective constituencies this week. (DS)

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  1. O. WALROND February 11, 2013 at 7:56 am

    And since faith is free then we have an affordable formula for the eradication of poverty in Barbados. Mr. Hunte should really pursue this onel.

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