Economic mess

The damage is already done and the only team capable of doing an adequate repair job is the Barbados Labour Party.

BLP St. Michael West Central candidate, Ian Gooding-Edghill, said this was the reality facing Barbadian voters in their faces. Speaking tonight as the party introduced its candidates at Carlisle Car Park in the City, he said the BLP was summoned once more to rescue Barbados from a DLP administration that had created an economic mess.

“They have done a lot of damage and as I walk through St. Michael West Central I see people in fear, I see people in despair, people who are asking for a better tomorrow, a once proud people limping along,” he said.

“This country is at its crossroads, this country needs the Barbados Labour Party. I say to you that the Barbados Labour Party has done it before, we had to do it back in 1976, we did it back in 1994…this is a party a team with experience and well trained and disciplined persons, a team that can make you a better tomorrow, … a team that can do what is required to ensure you have a better life.

“I say to you … that the Barbados Labour Party is the clear choice in this election, the Barbados Labour Party is your choice.,. When you see the well trained and qualified team and you compared it to the Dems after five years … we have the best political team,” he added.

The BLP spokesman said there was a clear choice Barbadians had to make, and that choice could not include a DLP government which had overseen a tourism decline, where hotel workers are suffering for the first time in a long time from reduced hours.

“I say to you we have to restore hope, we want a better government, we want the Barbados Labour Party… If you want a better tomorrow, if you want a government that will take you into their confidence and uplift you… I say to you if you want a better quality of life vote the Barbados Labour Party. If you want jobs vote the Barbados Labour Party,” he stated.

“I say to you that Barbados is in crisis and we are here tonight on what … is the most challenging and the most difficult period in the time of Barbados and it didn’t have to be so… But it was so because … some of you vote for them and look what they have done for you in return,” he added. Gooding-Edghill also told the large audience he expected to win the St. Michael West Central seat.

“I have been with you for the last three and a half years canvassing and going house to house and it has been such a wonderful experience…, and come February 21 I shall be with you for five years because we are going with the Barbados Labour Party for a better tomorrow.” (SC)

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