DLP Maths

dlpellertonpmmathsThere is a new political arithmetic in town, and it’s being taught by Prime Minister Freundel Stuart.

Late last night when the Prime Minister addressed a Democratic Labour Party youth rally at Ellerton in support of St. George South hopeful, Dr. Esther Byer-Suckoo, he announced that “we now have an arithmetic which says, five is more than 14 — that is now the new political arithmetic”.

Stuart said all his school life, he was taught that five was less than 14, “but now I have found that five is more than 14, because we have done more in five years than the Barbados Labour Party did in 14”, he reasoned.

The St. Michael South candidate cited education, health and culture as some major areas where the Dems came out on top and the Bee failed.

He then tackled the issue of leadership. Stuart drew attention to what he claimed to be treachery and back-stabbing within the BLP. But he boasted of stability in the Democratic Labour Party led by him.

“The DLP is led by a man who can read the fine print. I know when mystery is afoot. Owen [Arthur] and Mia ]Mottley] can’t befuddle me. They have to wake up early in the morning to catch me. When they were out galavanting and caterwauling, I was preparing myself [for politics], argued Prime Minister Stuart.

“I ain’t now come town. I have been around for a long time. I follow the best examples, and the best examples are available within the DLP,” he boasted.

He leveraged what he deemed the commitment and exemplary qualities of Byer-Suckoo, to try to strengthen his case of a good leader and representative. The government leader noted too that from the time Byer-Suckoo entered Cabinet in 2008, she had not only made quality and excellent contributions to the discussions, she had also been very impressive in all her ministerial porfolios.

Stuart said the constituents of St. George South did not have much of a choice between Byer-Suckoo, who had been a reliable representative during her tenure and her opponent Dwight Sutherland, who had no record.

“You have no choice but to vote for Esther, because, based on what I have heard of him (her opponent), apart from “skinning” like a Cheshire cat, I don’t know of any other thing,” the Prime Minister quipped, that would convince the constituents to vote for him.

He told the youth rally that Byer-Suckoo had to fix “things” in the constituency, which were supposed to have been done for 40 years by the BLP representative. (EJ)†††

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