DLP destroying Barbadian society

blpcarlislecandidatescandidFormer Prime Minister, Owen Arthur, believes that the Democratic Labour Party is driving the Barbados society apart by dividing citizens along party lines.

He further spoke of what he considered Prime Minister Freund Stuart’s failure to build the society that the DLP always professed was its aim. This, he said, was a “more serious matter” than even his failure to deal with the economy.

Addressing a moderate size gathering in Quaker’s Road in Carrington Village, St. Michael at a Barbados Labour Party national meeting last night, he said that all the social injustices which were occurring in the country at the hands of the Government would ultimately lead to the destruction of the Barbadian society.

The incumbent for the St. Peter constituency likened the situation transpiring in the country to “political tribalism”. Arthur said that during his years in Jamaica he had seen what could happened to a country when tribal divisions were allowed to ripen and he was not prepared to allow the same circumstances to occur in Barbados

“There is no country like Jamaica, but Jamaica can never fully realise its potential because of something called political tribalism. You have a place called Tivoli that is a JLP garrison that a PNC Prime Minister cannot walk in,” he said.

“We can only have a Barbados that is living to its full potential if Barbados has access to all of its people resources and until the day I die I believe that this country can only be a good country if we build an inclusive society…

“In my time, I got criticised for it, I tried to bring to Barbados and to our politics an element of inclusiveness. I believe that Barbados does not belong to the Barbados Labour Party… I do not hold any animosity towards any Democratic Labour Party person.

“I gave Frank Alleyne [now Sir Frank] an opportunity to serve in my Government, I took Trevor Marshall… I had him as my advisor on culture, not because he was a Dem, but because he had a contribution to make and that has to be the type of Barbados in which we live.

“Now in Barbados we have seen, through people like Richard Sealy and the people around him, a nasty new kind of political tribalism that will destroy Barbados,” warned the political veteran. (KC)

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