Credibility gone

blpcarlisleatherleyBarbados Labour Party candidate for St. Michael West, Reverend Joseph Atherley, has charged that the “mouth” of the Government cannot be trusted.

Atherley levelled this charge at the Freundel Stuart Administration last night while addressing a meeting at Quakers Road, Carrington Village, St Michael.

The former parliamentary representative for St. Michael West argued that an incoming BLP administration must return credibility to the mouth of Government if it hoped to provide a better quality of life for the people.

Atherley charged that Barbados had come to that sorry position that when the Government speaks today, citizens cannot believe what is said.

He suggested that when the Government spoke to Barbadians they must seriously question what they said, meant and intended.

“This present Government, among other things, has lost credibility among Barbadians. That in part, is what the polls are saying. The mouth of this Government is no longer a credible voice. They have lost credibility in so far as we are concerned,” Atherley argued.

Atherley asked his audience if they recalled the Government saying to Barbadians that the country was doing well.

He suggested that if conditions in Barbados were favourable, Guyanese would be flocking to Barbados.

Atherley indicated that the movement was the other way with many Guyanese departing Barbados’ shores.

“Having come here because conditions were bad at home, this Government came and ran a lot of them. Many left because conditions were so bad here they were unable to ‘cut it’. Barbados tonight is not doing better than its neighbours, perhaps with the exception of Dominica.

“It is a sad truth that over and over again we have heard that Barbados is being managed well and the economy is stable, until Standard and Poor’s and Moody’s stood up and said you are talking junk,” Atherley said.

He told the crowd that things were dread and come February 21 Barbadians were going red.

He argued that unless Opposition Leader Owen Arthur and his team came and rescued Barbados from this nightmare, “the Lord help Barbados”.

The religious minister recalled that Government spokesmen had declared clearly that there would be growth in the economy this year, but he warned that when the Government spoke, it did so with a voice that was not credible.

Atherley, who served as a parliamentary secretary under Owen Arthur, recalled that spokesmen of the current Government had stated that they had embarked on a Medium Term fiscal Strategy that was working.

He said the Medium Term Fiscal Strategy was intended to bring expenditure closer to revenue.

He accused the Government of sticking stubbornly to the strategy and shaving every allocation to departments and ministries.

Additionally, he charged that the impact of this shaving of allocations had led to an inability on the part of Government to provide the services to the people.

He identified the Queen Elizabeth Hospital and the Urban Development Commission as institutions that suffered from a lack of funds as a result of this shaving of allocations. (NC)

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