Close gate on Richard Sealy

blpquakersprescodFormer Minister of Social Transformation, Trevor Prescod, believes that the upcoming general election has presented an opportunity for the people of St. Michael South Central to redeem themselves.

Earlier, Prescod had argued that no person who spent their formative years in a gated community should be allowed in an election to defeat a candidate who spent all his years in a working class community.

Prescod made these observations Friday night while addressing a meeting in Quaker’s Road, Carrington Village, St. Michael.

Prescod, who is contesting the St. Michael East seat on a Barbados Labour Party ticket, said that BLP candidate for the St. Michael South Central constituency, David Gill, was a humanitarian who had never spoken ill of anyone in his lifetime.

On the other hand, he pointed out, when a person decided to live in a gated community, he had taken a conscious step to isolate himself from the ordinary man and woman — a reference to Gill’s opponent, Richard Sealy.

Prescod maintained that Gill should have never been rejected by the people of Carrington Village for a candidate who spent his boyhood days in a gated community.

He lamented the fact that he encountered the most opposition in his advocacy for black people from persons who were the “blackest of black”.

Prescod also complained that in his travels around the world, black people occupied the lowest rungs of the social and economic ladders. (NC)

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