Bring it on

Bring on the public debates.

David Comissiong addressing today’s gathering in Heroes Square.
David Comissiong

That’s the call of President of the People’s Empowerment Party, David Comissiong, who says the election campaign has been filled with spectacle but the real issues are still not being brought to the people.

The leader of the party which is not contesting this election stated: “The General Elections campaign has been underway for [almost two weeks] now, and all we, the citizens of Barbados, have seen so far is the putting up of a multiplicity of billboards and posters, the staging of elaborate entertainment spectaculars, the publication of sloganeering advertisements, the holding of well-publicised tribal confabs in which each political party appeals to the prejudices of the party faithful, and above all else, the conspicuous spending of money!

“But, unfortunately, none of these gimmicky activities will help the citizens of Barbados to make a serious decision about which political party and which candidates are best equipped to be entrusted with the reins of government over the next five years,” he argued.

He therefore called on the ruling Democratic Labour Party and the Opposition Barbados Labour Party to “agree to stage and participate in a number of public debates”.

Comissiong further urged the leaders of these two parties, Prime Minister Freundel Stuart and Opposition Leader Owen Arthur to agree to at least one public, televised debate between the two.

“[W]e hereby call upon both of them to publicly commit to participating in such a debate. In fact, on behalf of the non-committed sector of the Barbadian population, the PEP is now hereby calling upon both Prime Minister Freundel Stuart and Opposition Leader Owen Arthur to publicly commit to such a debate,” he stated.

But the PEP leader did not stop there. He also issued a call to Minister of Finance Christopher Sinckler and BLP St. Michael North East MP Mia Mottley to similarly step into the televised debate spotlights.

“Furthermore, in light of the intransigent economic recession that Barbados finds itself mired in, the PEP is also hereby calling upon Minister of Finance, Christopher Sinckler, and the de facto Opposition spokesperson on Economic Affairs, Mia Mottley, to publicly commit to engaging each other in a national televised debate on economic issues and policy,” he challenged, noting that he would await the response of the four politicians on the matter. (LB)

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