Bostic: No more empty pockets

blpcarlisleeatsEmpty pockets will be filled again when the BLP is returned to office after the February 21 poll.

Their candidate for the City of Bridgetown, Colonel Jeffrey Bostic, told the massive crowd in their stomping ground, Carlisle Car Park, that a better tomorrow is on the horizon.

“We all share something in common besides the fact that we are wearing red. All of us here have had our pockets damaged by the draconian measures of the Democratic Labour Party. Some of us have very little in our pockets, some of us have had nothing in the pockets for the last five years. We’ve had to dig deep, so deep that some of our pockets have holes to remind us if those dangerous economic policies inflicted upon the people of this country by the Democratic Labour Party.

“Young voters and new voters you are facing challenges in your life because your parents and your grand parents have no money in their pockets and they have no money in their pockets because of the last five years under the Democratic Labour Party.

“I am here to tell you that this election really is a decision that you have to make to have more money in your pockets by voting for the Barbados Labour Party or to have your pockets ripped out by returning the Democratic Labour Party to office,” he said.

The candidate who is making his second bid for a seat in the House of Assembly said that the BLP, with its prudent economic policies had “always put money in people’s pockets” going back to the days of Sir Grantley Adams who introduced the Holiday with Pay Act.

Bostic noted that Owen Arthur, the political leader and former prime minister had also ensured that when workers were made redundant they still had money, through the introduction of unemployment benefits productivity bonuses.

“You can’t lose with the Barbados Labour Party we put money back into your pockets. You have lost money out of your pockets because every single thing in this country has been taxed increases of taxes from this country from bicycle tax to consumption tax, everything tax you can think about. In fact, if you move too fast you will attract a tax. That has been a legacy of the Democratic Labour Party,” Bostic said.

The candidate said that the situation in the country does not have to remain the way it was and the people of Barbados had the right on election day to say “enough of that, enough of them, done with them, kick them out, vote them out return the Barbados Labour Party to office”.

He told City dwellers they should not have fear about his ability to deliver and assured them he would with the help of the BLP’s team. (DS)

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