Bees of steel

blpquakersbosticBarbados Labour Party candidate for the City, Jeffrey Bostic, has argued that great leaders emerged when conditions were bad in a country.

Bostic made this observation Friday night while addressing a meeting at Quaker’s Road, Carrington Village, St. Michael.

The former senior officer in the Barbados Defence Force suggested that former Prime Minister Owen Arthur was such a person.

He argued that in 1994 Arthur turned a sinking ship into a luxury liner.

Presenting his interpretation on the defeat of the BLP in the 2008 general elections, Bostic argued that the country had a generation of young people who had never experienced hardships and felt that the Democratic Labour Party could have done better.

But, he added, now Barbados had one of the highest levels of inflation in the region under the DLP.

He further noted that all of the country’s economic engines had failed over the past five years.

In addition, Bostic said poverty in the country had doubled and there was an increase in the number of welfare coupons being handed out by the state each month.

He recalled that Governor of the Central Bank, Dr. Delisle Worrell, had suggested that no one could do any better under the current economic conditions, and disputed the assertion.

Bostic maintained that if the DLP retained political office following the February 21 poll, there would not be any economic growth. Alternatively, the City candidate pointed out, the BLP’s manifesto would demonstrate that the party has a programme to lead to economic improvements.

In 1994, he recalled, there was no economic growth and unemployment stood at 21 per cent, suggesting that just as there was an economic turn around in 1994, it could be done again in 2013.

He maintained that the BLP team would not engage in any blame game, but would face the problems and fix them. (NC)

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