Bajans not suffering


Barbados has been through five years of tough times, but the majority of Bajans are not suffering.

That’s what Political newcomer Dr. Rolerick Hinds, the Democratic Labour Party’s general election candidate for St. Thomas, believes. Speaking last night at Belleplaine in support of the party’s St. Andrew candidate Irene Sandiford-Garner, he said the large numbers of people shopping weekly was a sign that while people were complaining at the cost of living, they could still afford to make purchases.

“I have not seen PriceSmart or Super Centre car park empty in the morning. As a matter of fact the whole of Warrens block up, the whole of Bush Hall,” he said. “So people are still shopping in their numbers, nobody is home sucking salt or beating empty frying pans to give their neighbors the impression they are frying something.” Hinds said the current election campaign was not about fun and games, suggesting this was what the Barbados Labour Party was interested in.

“You come here to hear the message not to wuk up,” he told the audience.

“They (the BLP) say that things are so hard in Barbados, so desperate. So then why do they oppose bus fares for children? If things are so dread, well we found a solution,” he stated.

Hinds said it was important for children to go to school to be educated, but he pointed out that some parents could not afford to pay their bus fares. “Even if you have a parent that cannot afford to send their children to school with lunch we will provide it for you,” he said.

“But the Barbados Labour Party is not interested in those type of things, they want to privatise. You know why they want to privatise? Because they don’t want anything to do… They don’t intend to come to Parliament and do the work of the people.

“In this election the writing is on the wall, it is Dems now and Dems again. We are not considering them in this election.” The medical practitioner said one of the reasons Barbadians should ignore the BLP was its focus on privatisation, which he equated to job losses.

“That is what happens when you sell off your companies to foreign interests, because to them it is the bottom line,” he stated. “So when people are running around this country talking about privatisation, privatisation means selling to somebody who … are only interested in profit and loss.”

The candidate also urged the St. Andrew electorate to ignore their previous MP George Payne’s candidacy after first electing him to represent them in the House of Assembly in 1991.

“He is an absentee politician and he is being matched up against a young lady who has shown you she is going to work,” he told them.

“We have to make our society a comfortable place to live so you have to get on the telephone…, get them (family and friends) out to the meetings to hear the message and get them out on the 21st. Put your ‘X’ next to Irene Sandiford-Garner here in St. Andrew and make sure that you bring your people out.

“It makes no sense going there alone, nobody who is travelling to the polling station on election day should walk alone, …. [but] if they are going to vote for the other fellow leave them home.” (SC)

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