Arthur can do it again

blpcarlisleplatformcrowdOwen Arthur has saved Barbados before and he can do it again.

That was the declaration of Christ Church East candidate for the Barbados Labour Party, Wilfred Abraham, as he addressed a large gathering at the party’s massive launch of candidates last night.

Before a sea of red in Carlisle Car Park, the 40-year-old attorney-at-law said he had been brought into politics by a love for the people and a sorrow over what was happening in the country at this time.

“When you are as fortunate as I have been to have received so much from a country and you love it so much that it hurts you to your heart to see what is happening now, you have to get in and do something… I am going to get in and I am going to do something.

“Growing up I admired men like Grantley Adams…, men like Errol Walton Barrow…, men like Owen Seymore Arthur. It hurts my heart to see what has happened in politics recently, the depths and the dirt that the DLP is employing this campaign. This has gotten nasty like never before. Let us not get down there with them,” he said.

The BLP had offered candidates that were a mixture of youth and experience, and Arthur he said was “a great leader and great man”.

“I am proud to follow him and I see him as my political father… The last five years have been real, real hard in Barbados,” he said, adding that Arthur has led the country before, “and he can do it again”.

Abrahams asked the people to go out and vote for the DLP, a call that had similarly been made by Christ Church West candidate, Maria Agard, moments before.

Just as there was room for one woman to lead the Christ Church West constituency, she said there was also only room for one party, and that was the BLP, to lead the country.

“We know that a vote for Maria Agard and a vote for the BLP is a vote for better tomorrow, a vote for a brighter future,” she declared.

Christ Church West Central hopeful Margo Durant-Callender said she sensed that “a new day is dawning”.

“I sense we are on our way to a better tomorrow. I am asking you to go out there and vote for me on election day. I urge you to vote for progress, for your future, for your children’s future…, for a better tomorrow,” she said.

Desmond Sands, who is hoping to be elected to represent the Christ Church East Central constituency, also predicted that “victory is in sight”.

The BLP, he told the crowd that turned out for the official introduction of all 30 candidates, was a party of hope and one for the present and the future as well.

Party chairman, Dr. Jerome Walcott, who is contesting the Christ Church South riding, said the people had had enough of Democratic Labour Party incumber John Boyce, whose only significant contribution in the constituency was the renaming of a market.

That was why, he said, the people should vote him in to represent their interests. (LB)

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  1. lynda February 10, 2013 at 8:58 am

    in the 8th paragrah, it stated Wilfred Abrams urged the people to go out there and voteDLP??????i know that is a mistake, it also stated Maria Agard did the same…kindly make that correction


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