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blpquakersroadmiamovingThe recent forecast by the Caribbean Development Bank is evidence that Barbados is headed for serious times, and the only reason Barbados is not being told the truth is because of elections.

St. Michael North East incumbent, Mia Mottley, made the declaration from the Barbados Labour Party’s main platform to launch its 30 candidates in the City tonight.

Stressing over and over that the team of 30 was “good for Barbados”, Mottley took time to focus on the strong points, particularly of the newcomers, during her speech in Carlisle Car Park where the party had erected a massive stage.

“Don’t mind all of the long talk from the Democratic Labour Party and the propaganda in the ads, this country will face this year serious times. The Caribbean Development Bank came out yesterday and said Barbados has to take serious decisions in relation to its public expenditure.

“Moody’s said that and downgraded us. Standard and Poor’s said that and downgraded us. The IMF Article 4 report said that and the Government ignored. The IDB said that and the Government could not sign the loan it wanted for budgetary support because it will not make the decisions and for one reason and one reason alone, that there was an election to be called.

“And if a man cannot tell you the truth when you put him in a position of trust, how can you expect to believe him ever again. If a man can stand in the Parliament of Barbados, stand in the Chamber of Commerce and tell you one thing but because an election writ has been signed by the Governor General, now wants to say I don’t know anything about it, then you know that you cannot feel comfortable with anything that that man tells you again,” she stated.

The team, she added, was good for tourism, good for health care, and ready to make a better Barbados.

She recalled Dr. Jerome Walcott helping a man who fainted at their rally in Haggatt Hall and outlined the work candidate Dr. Maria Agard did for the Catholic church, stating: “What’s missing from this Government is that most people feel they do not care enough.”

“If they cared enough they would not be insensitive when people are unable to pay their light bills and are now lighting kerosene lamps from Grazettes right back down to Speightstown; from St. John right back across to St. James. I have never seen more kerosene lamps than in the last six months. That is gospel.

“If they cared they would not be telling people that it is okay for us to keep prices up on you. If they cared they would not be causing people at Alexandra School to withstand the kind of uncertainty that they have had to withstand as teacher, as parent and as child for the last year.”

Mottley said she did not take the platform to “vilify” the Democratic Labour Party politicians because the facts speak for themselves.

She said there might be DLP supporters in the audience who were conflicted about the direction of the country, stating that Barbados needed everyone to rebuild the country.

“I know that your heart is telling you stick with Dem, but I know your head is telling you go with the Bees, and if you go with the Bees you would be putting Barbados first… Once you feel that this Government led by Freundel Stuart cannot continue to put the interest of Barbados first, cannot do for Barbados what they should have been doing, then the duty … is to put Barbados first and give the Barbados Labour Party a chance to make a Barbados brighter and better country.” (LB)

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