Youth, go out and vote!

It is “unacceptable” that some Barbadian youth have no intention of voting on February 21. Barbados Labour Party member Jessica Odle-Baril said that having been given the right to vote, unlike many of their fore parents, young people should cherish the privilege and use it.

The former Barbados consul general to New York was speaking last night at a Lammings, St. Joeph meeting in support of BLP candidate Dale Joseph. “It is unacceptable young people to say you ain’t voting because all of them (the politicians) is the same. I want to tell you that is not true. I want you to showcase what you have learnt and go out on the 21st (of February) and mark something for somebody,” she said.

“There was a time when we could not vote, where people in this country could not vote unless you were male, unless you had land or unless you had money.

“I want you all to think because there is no way that Barbados could sustain another round of Democratic Labour Party mismanagement, inept management of this government and … irresponsible management of the resources of this country. “We got to done with them … because if we have more of this we gine be gone. Health issues are going to become like never before … seen in this country.” (SC)

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