Who to flog?

I have a real serious problem with the way some adults behave. As a matter of fact, when you observe how some of us big people does get on you don’t have to wonder why so many of our children are so irresponsible.

Imagine this. Since last term I have been concerned about some school girls who hang out with some big men in a house near me. I am not that old so I still understand and remember some of the passions and emotions that drive young people.

Before they just used to turn up at the bus stop outside the house and keep a lot of noise with the boys on the block. Then they started going into the house until the bus came. Then it moved to bus after bus passing before they would leave the district.

Recently though, even after it turns dark you would still see them out there. Now I don’t want nobody to burn down my house or hit me long side my head with a piece of wood, so I have not said anything to any of them.

But still it bothers me real bad and I decide to call the school. I don’t know who answered, but I know it was no child, and it was not the principal. I told them I wanted to speak with the principal and they asked me what I want and I told them. Would you believe the woman asked me what is my problem — that what I bothering bout if the children want little man.

I don’t know if she was having a bad day or not, but that was not the thing for her to tell me. Well, you know what? I don’t plan to say a word to anybody about it again. Let them do what they want and let the school do what it wants.

I had a little time today and I decide to share the story, but you don’t have to respond.

Angry Granny

Since Yuh Asked, AG, let me suggest that you not get too upset with the person who answered the phone. It takes all kinds to make a world, and not everyone who works at a school will be as responsible as we may like. Like you suggested, she might have been having a bad day, even though that is no excuse. It could be that the moment she heard the story she knew who you were talking about and figured any intervention would be a waste of time, given the possible history of the students.

What I would add though, is that you should not cease caring. Sometimes young people can be their own worst enemy, and those of us who have walked this road before have to act to save them.

Call the school again and try for the principal one more time. Or walk to the school and try to see him or her. I get the impression that the school can’t be too far from you given that the girls walk there daily to catch the bus.

Write again and let me know what results you get.

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