Shut the door!

dlpkennybestspeaksDemocratic Labour Party candidate for St. Michael East, Kenny Best, has called on Barbadians to keep the Barbados Labour Party out of office for a very long time.

Best made this call last night while addressing a meeting in the Ivy Housing Area, St. Michael.

He reminded his audience that Opposition Leader, Owen Arthur, had threatened to reverse all the decisions taken by the DLP administration during the past five years.

Best, who was the Deputy Speaker of the House of Assembly during the last parliamentary term, charged that if the BLP regained the reins of power they would discontinue the free bus rides currently enjoyed by students.

He further suggested that summer camps organised by Government would be discontinued by an Owen Arthur administration.

The former parliamentary representative for St. Michael East noted that summer camps had stopped students from roaming the streets while parents were at work.

Best recalled that the DLP had not stopped there, but introduced constituency councils that gave ordinary citizens an opportunity to assist in managing their affairs.

“These are some of the social policies that this DLP administration had brought to you to ensure that everyone understands that it is a party for the people,” Best explained.

Acknowledging that he was the son of a hawker, Best charged that Arthur believed that an individual must come from a certain social background to succeed in Barbados.

Best noted that while his political opponent always spoke about mental slavery, he continued to hold on to the shirt-tail of an aristocrat for survival.

He claimed that while his opponent masqueraded as a black consciousness person he did not know where he belonged.

“But you know what is interesting, that particular person is not wanted by the person who leads the BLP. When Arthur put the dagger in the honourable member for St. Michael North East’s back he ran in Queen’s park with his crowd to support the honourable member for St. Michael North East only to realise that he had to retreat,” Best explained.

Dismissing claims that he did nothing for the constituency during the past five years, Best recalled that after winning the seat in 2008, he visited all of the schools in the constituency and sought to encourage the students to remain focused on their education.

Best further recalled that after the passage of Tropical Storm Tomas he assisted constituents in having their homes repaired or rebuilt.

In addition, he pointed out that he had Mayers Road and Odessa Mc Clean Road resurfaced.

Best told his audience that it was under his watch that the Ivy Main Road was being resurfaced.

He further stated that there was a drainage problem in the Ivy Housing Area and he had it corrected with the digging of a well.

He said that it was under his watch that he had the play park in the Ivy Housing Area refurbished and another constructed at Hothersal Crescent for the senior citizens and the youth of the area.

Best said he also found work for some constituents in the Drainage Division and at the Ministry of Transport and Works.

He pointed that he gave advice to several young constituents who were about to set up businesses. (KC)

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