On the run

lynroyscantleburyIt is a Scantlebury affair in St. Peter.

And leader of the New Barbados Kingdom Alliance, Apostle Lynroy Scantlebury says he has his relatives, incumbent Owen Arthur and Democratic Labour Party candidate Haynesley Benn running for cover.

Saying it was already heating up to be a fight like none other, Scantlebury alleged that already six persons attached to DLP and at least two from the Barbados Labour Party had approached him not to run in the constituency. He said this had resulted in both candidates taking measures in this campaign that they had not before.

He said he had seen opponent Arthur canvassing in Rose Hill, St. Peter, which was a first as he had never seen such an occurrence by the Leader of the BLP before.

“My presence in this election has interfered with his [Arthur] and Benn’s confidence levels… The reason for this [the offers not to run] is they know they will not get all the votes. The DLP since Sybil Leacock has never brought a formidable candidate to run against Arthur and this has led to his constant victory, but now he knows as long as we get the Scantleburys to unite and recognise this is not just the average election in St, Peter … he can’t win,” the newcomer said.

Noting that Benn in particular had at least two other Scantleburys participating in the nomination process, the NBKA leader stated that it was time his relatives moved way from just being “a personal assistant or a campaign manager”, which was one of the reasons he was now putting himself forward as a contender in the race.

The behaviour of his opponents, he challenged, was in part because they recognised the power of the name Scantlebury.

“He [Arthur] will do a number of things he didn’t do before. If he feels a slight chill crawling up his spine in relation to his success that is good for him because he has never felt it before,” he said.

Asked about the overall process, Scantlebury said he was still enjoying himself. As far as he was concerned, he stated: “I have nothing to lose. I don’t fear winning or losing. They’re saying negative things about me. I have everything to gain.” (KC)

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