glineclargewantsaprobeThe functioning of Government’s controversial constituency councils should be the subject of an Auditor General investigation.

The call for this action was made last night by Barbados Labour Party St. George North candidate Gline Clarke, who said “the writing is on the wall” for the Democratic Labour Party. He was speaking at a BLP meeting at Lammings, St. Joseph in support of Dale Marshall, who represented the constituency from 2003 to the recent dissolution of Parliament.

Saying that constituency councils as presently constituted were unfair to his party’s members and would be abolished by a new BLP administration, the former Minister of Public Works also criticised the treatment, or lack thereof, he said the Rural Development Commission was given the Bees.

“We are calling for the auditor general of Barbados to look at how money is being spent,” Clarke said in relation to the constituency councils.

“All across Barbados these constituency councils are using the funds for the Members of Parliament of the Democratic Labour Party.

As for the RDC, the BLP candidate said constituencies that up to recently were represented by BLP parliamentarians like him “got little from the RDC.

He pledged a new administration led by his party would look at revising the RDC to help poor people and to look for new industries with job opportunities.

Clarke said the BLP had a country “to save” and he was sure the Dems would not be returned to government.

“The Democratic Labour Party has run this country real badly over the past five years. Over the past five years the people of this country endured severe hardship of every kind,” he said.

“We want to tell you that the writing is on the wall for the Democratic Labour Party, we can see it before our very eyes that the people of this country have had enough of the Democratic Labour Party and you can see in my constituency, in the constituencies across Barbados from st. Philip right down to St. Lucy.”

“Why is it that every time the Democratic Labour Party is in power that the people suffer? Why is it that every time the Democratic Labour Party runs this country that the people cannot eat properly.”

He said he therefore saw a need to “not only look at the measures that have to be reduced we have to look at the programmes that the Barbados Labour Party is gonna be bringing to you and we are bringing a programme of hope”, (SC)

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