Female security guard attacked at school

ST JOHN’S — A female security guard recovering from a beating, robbery and attempted rape, which took place on the job site yesterday, has spoken out about her terrifying ordeal — the second in six years for her.

The single mother of two young children is so distraught she is considering quitting her “risky” job.

Trembling as she spoke from her hospital bed, the battered and bruised 36-year-old woman recalled: “I was patrolling the school yard just after 5 a.m. and when I returned to the principal’s office, I bumped into a masked man with a gun.”

The victim said she backed away from the door but the man pounced on her, shoved the gun in her face and forced her to lie on a desk in the office.

She recalled the man choked her for some time while he sexually assaulted her with the firearm. The only reason she managed to escape she said, was because she threw what she said was “acid” in the perpetrator’s face.

“He kept covering my mouth, but I bit his hand and then got the acid from my pocket and threw it in his face. He stepped back, the gun dropped and I kicked the gun away and ran to a place where I hid,” the victim said.

The attack lasted some 10 to 15 minutes she said.

She noted her attacker was not alone.

“While I was wrestling with him I saw two more men through the window behind the principal’s office. And when I started running I saw two at the school’s front gate and another one at the entrance at the back of the school,” she said.

However, “fortunately” for her, none of the other men joined the gunman who was holding her down.

“They probably thought he had it under control. He took my cash and my cellular phone. They came to the room I was hiding in and started banging on the door but they couldn’t get in,” she cried.

So frightened she was, the victim said she “passed out” twice while she was in hiding on the school compound. (Antigua Observer)

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