Days of neglect over

dlppmharryhusbandsThe people of St. James North have been assured that “the days of neglect” were over.

And the man who is seeking their endorsement during the February 21 general elections to represent them in the House of Assembly on a Democratic Labour Party ticket, told them late last night at a Weston, St. James mass meeting, that “all you have to do to bring it to its final conclusion”, is to vote for him.

Harry Husbands was the man telling the constituents that when he started his campaign in the St. James North riding, he was shocked by the level of neglect which the residents had suffered for 20 years under the former Barbados Labour Party Government.

Husbands said the West Coast was once known as the gold coast, but now it is called the platinum coast. He suggested that despite this some of the people lived in deplorable conditions, worse than in some parts of the City or even Cats Castle.

The parliamentary secretary in the Prime Minister’s Office reminded the crowd that, except for at Folkstone, there wasn’t a single play park in the area.

Husbands said he was of the view that people were entitled to proper representation “whether you are a Bee or Dee”, pointing out that the neglect was general.

“Where ever you go,” citing Sion Hill as one startling example of serious neglect.

The DLP candidate also asked the supporters to recall how 4th Avenue, Lower Carlton had not been fixed for 14 years under the Bees, but yet his opponent Edmond Hinkson “had the gumption” to put his constituency office on the same road as soon as he, Husbands, got it repaired.

“It hurt me and I cried to see Edmond Hinckson put his constituency office in a road which the DLP fixed and the BLP failed to repair in its 14 years in Government.”

Turning to his campaign leading up to polling day, Husbands informed constituents that he was convinced he would “go all the way”.

“I am convinced we will go all the way. We still have two weeks of solid and difficult work. A lot of it is behind us and we have faith and confidence that the constituency is with us,” assured the prospective parliamentarian.

His strong message to the people was that they could not cede one inch of ground to Hinckson or the BLP. I was pleased yesterday at nomination to see the utter shock on BLP supporters faces.

“There are very difficult days ahead, but we can’t allow the enthusiasm to waver. We have young men who volunteer to put up our posters, young men who are willing to replace posters which the other side tear down. So you have a battle on your hands.

“We are committed to improving the living conditions of the people and we are committed to this struggle and we are going all the way,” insisted Husbands.

Last night when the chairman of the meeting introduced him, the St. James North candidate was ushered onto the platform by a local calypso specially composed for him, and complimented by placard-waving yellow shirt-clad supporters, who danced and sang along to the refrain — “vote for Harry”. (EJ)†

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