Community involved in stand-off with police

Desmond McKenzie
Desmond McKenzie

KINGSTON — The allegedly beating of a woman during a police operation in Denham Town yesterday caused a stand-off between resident of the troubled West Kingston community and members of the constabulary

“Police came to the area and were trying to hold a man and his sister got involved and tried [to] stop the police from taking the man from the area,” said a female resident. She claimed that during the incident the police pepper-sprayed the woman and assaulted her.

“The police deal with the woman really bad. Suppose you see how them treat the girl, the number of blows, kick and box she get; me feel sorry for her,” said another resident.

Police were forced to increase their numbers in the community after verbal abuses from residents in wake of the alleged beating.

The residents claimed that they have been victims of a series of police attacks.

West Kingston Member of Parliament Desmond McKenzie, who went to the community after he was informed about the incident, said he was threatened with arrest by the police.

“As Member of Parliament I have had enough. The police can’t continue to abuse and disrespect. You can’t beat a person in a way the police was beating the woman,” said McKenzie. “I have been in touch with the commissioner of police; it has to stop.”

He admitted that there has been a crime problem in the area, but said the way the police were operating was unacceptable.

Sections of West Kingston have been tense since Sunday’s murder of Candice Johnson, who was five months pregnant, and a 22-year-old friend, Dwayne Stewart was shot and killed by gunmen in Hannah Town. (Observer)

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