Bees heading east

blpowenandassistantThe next frontier for Barbados tourism is the island’s north east corridor, especially popular Bathsheba.

Former Minister of Tourism Noel Lynch said a new Barbados Labour Party administration would make this happen, as he called for more focus to be placed on the sector which earn Barbados its most money.

“The part of Barbados that has most potential for tourism development is the north eastern corridor of Barbados. I see that there is no reason why Bathsheba should not be a shining light in our tourism development,” he said last night during a BLP public meeting at Lammings, St. Joseph. The Dems cannot do it because they don’t know how to do it. When we were in office we made tourism sparkle…, under the Democratic Labour Party every year on year we have lost tourism arrivals in Barbados since they took office. He vowed that “when we come back to office our first priority of business in the tourism sector is to increase our fortunes in the north eastern corridor of Barbados”.

“The only industry that can lead us out of the recession is the tourism industry; we have got nothing else in Barbados… The only game in town is tourism … and it has got to pay a two fold role, lead us out of recession and also build a platform for the future development of Barbados,” he said.

“We need to restore the accommodation sub sector in Barbados, we need to get more rooms back in Barbados and therefore anything that you do narrowing the interest rates on the money that hotels borrow … hotels must be able to borrow money at less rates than they are getting now to be able to survive.” Lynch said its treatment of tourism was symptomatic of a bigger economic and governance challenge, with Lynch saying, “these people now are clutching at straws — drowning men will clutch at straws because Barbados is in the worst state it has ever been in”.

“A vote for the Democratic Labour Party in this election is a wasted vote. A vote for the Democratic Labour Party is to condemn you to poverty [and] Freudnel goes down in Passage Road last night and tells you that putting money in people’s pocket is not an ideal that a political party should have,” he stated.

“This is an election about putting money back in your pocket. The Barbados Labour Party puts people back to work… You have a chance on February 21 to change the future of Barbados…, but you are not going to be able to do it under the Dems. Lynch said things would continue to deteriorate if the DLP was voted back into office.

“This is a love affair with you and yourselves and your children. If we take another five years of the Dems we are going to eat one another round here in Barbados, we are going to become cannibals. We cannot take another five years of the Democratic Labour Party. The only way out of this morass is to send Owen Arthur and his team back to Parliament,” he stated. Lynch was also unhappy about the Barbados Tourism Authority and the fact it owed people for services.

“We had two gulf wars, we had 9/11 and we were able to sustain Barbados, so don’t tell me that they are having more difficult times than we were having,” he said. “Bad policy making, bad planning, fiscal indiscipline in Barbados, there is absolutely no way that the BTA’s operatives all over the world should be running from their creditors. We can’t pay our bills. (SC)

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