Tips for the trail

by Dr. Adrian Lorde

It’s election time in Barbados and some politicians and voters are out every night on the campaign trail.

Dr. Adrian Lorde, who was happy to share some tips on Preparing for Elections with LOVING ME, said that with the campaign a week old, he and other doctors are already seeing people with colds, hoarseness and various respiratory infections from going to the meetings at nights.

Fatigue at work is already setting in as persons are working in constituency offices until late hours as well, he said.

Campaign Hints

* Election day is February 21.

* Cool nights – temperature goes as low as 21 degrees

* Rain will fall sometimes

* Keep warm wearing a sweater, hat or cap

* There will be mass meetings and spot meetings and House to House canvassing

* Have a hand sanitizer as you will meet and greet lots of persons.

Hints for Platform Speakers

* Speak don’t shout – that will allow the voice to last

* Have a glass or bottle of water to sip on

* Dress appropriately as well with jackets and hat as indicated

* Eat properly

* Resist alcoholic drinks

* Have a designated driver (as you could be suffer from fatigue) going from meeting to meeting

* Get adequate rest

Hints for Party Followers

* Dress warm as you will have long nights

* Take your umbrella

* Wear comfortable shoes

* Take along a portable chair

* Take a small torchlight to identify where you are walking, where you have parked, etc.

* Eat before leaving home, so you can keep away from hotdogs, hamburgers, fish cakes, sno cones etc.

* Keep away from loud speakers, they could deafen you.

Hints for Party Workers

* Get adequate rest

* Take naps when available

* Eat healthy always

* Keep well hydrated

* Dress appropriately

* Wear gloves when assembling platforms, handling with electrical wires etc.

* Always wear proper shoes as surfaces may be uneven or have broken bottles, tree branched etc.

If you follow this advice, you might come out of the elections in good health.

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