Saved from blaze

Fire fighters working hard to bring the blaze under control.
Fire fighters working hard to bring the blaze under control.

Two elderly home owners will be forever grateful to the alertness and quick thinking of their fellow Kings Village, Dalkeith residents as it may have meant the difference between life and death, when fire gutted both homes in the wee hours of this morning.

Residents sprung to action to ensure the safety of neighbours Morgan Bynoe and Adina Garnes, when they first noticed flames coming from the home of Bynoe, which then spread to Garnes’ home, resulting in total loss to them both.

Garnes was awakened and called outside for her safety by shouting residents just minutes before the flames spread to her house, while Good Samaritan Andre Jack exposed himself to danger by entering Bynoe’s home and pulling him from the flames that engulfed house.

“We were inside and we heard somebody screaming so I thought somebody get rob or there was a fight. When we got outside we saw the house already burning so me and my friend went to see if we could help somebody,” Jack said.

“I got to the back by jumping over a neighbour’s yard and I thought the man was gone because that was the first house that was burning and they didn’t have no way to get in because the paling was hot. So I stand up on the steps and I see a little hole in the house then I hear the old man moaning, so when I hear that I try to get up from a different angle and I see the old man crawling, so I assisted him in coming through,” Jack said.

He told Barbados TODAY that his reaction was purely instinctive as there was very little time to think about the danger.

Adina Garnes (left) being comforted by her sister.
Adina Garnes (left) being comforted by her sister.

Meanwhile a shocked Garnes, a Vincentian-born resident for the past 45 years, told Barbados TODAY she had lost everything which she has worked for most of her life, including very important documents pertaining to property back in her homeland.

“I heard someone hollering for me to come outside so when I get up to try to turn on the hose to save my house it was too late. It was too late to save anything,” said a sorrowful Garnes, who will now be staying at her sister while she ponders her future plans.

Fire fighters responded quickly to scene and extinguish the blaze that was threatening to spread to other homes.

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