Little regard for women

thompson: say not to blp because of their ‘recycled’ candidates

Barbados Labour Party leader, Owen Arthur, has scant regard for women.

This was the assertion of the incumbent for St. John, Mara Thompson, last night as she spoke at a Democratic Labour Party meeting in Passage Road in St. Michael.

“I have taken the time to highlight these as I seek to conceptualise the† reasons why,” Thompson said.

She said she believed that the gender bashing issues was one of the reasons why the BLP and his leadership style were voted out in 2008 and†why they should be rejected again since nothing has changed in the “recycled” candidates being presented to the people of Barbados.

“Barbados, for a love of country, vote Dems. The Freundel Stuart-led Democratic Labour Party has at no time … ever heard our current leader admonish any of his female team members publicly,” she said.

“I have sat in Parliament and witnessed how uncomfortable the member for St. Thomas becomes whenever she hears the name Owen Arthur. One can almost sense the contempt towards Arthur — after all, it was him who described the member for St. Thomas as a dilapidated chattel house sitting on prime real estate property.

“The consistent public insult of the female members of the BLP is shocking and it is uncalled for, but that is how Arthur treats his female colleagues… The almost scant disregard that the leadership of the Barbados Labour Party has towards the females of the party continues to amaze and disgust me.

“The reasons the Barbados Labour Party was voted out of office and the DLP was given a vote of confidence are still all present — Noel Lynch, Dale Marshall, Gline Clarke, George Payne… The same leader who led a very nasty and unprovoked attacked on the then female candidate in St. John and now the current MP. Think Barbados! There is nothing different about the recycled leadership of the BLP,” she warned. (KC)†

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