Lazy and indifferent

BLP’s main concern is putting money back into barbadian’s pockets

Next month’s general election is a referendum on the Freundel Stuart administration, which one Barbados Labour Party spokesman has called lazy and indifferent.

St. James Central candidate Kerrie Symmonds said the Bees were still concerned about how to put money back in the pockets of Barbadians and had plans to adequately do so.

“In this campaign we will unfold a series of solutions to you to a number of the problems that are facing you as a result of the mismanagement by the Democratic Labour Party,” he said Tuesday night during a public meeting at Gall Hill, Christ Church.

“But we have to confront the failings of the Democratic Labour Party so that you can understand why we are in this position tonight. One of the things that they have liked to hide behind … is that you can’t do no better, that it has to be this painful and ridiculous way because there is an international recession. I want to say squarely … that better could have been done.”

“There were too lazy, too indifferent, too slothful to apply themselves and one of the things that we got to do as a country is to hold a referendum. This election is really a referendum on the performance of the Democratic Labour Party during the course of the last five years.”

Symmonds also said that having identified reducing the cost of living as its top three priority “the mere fact that we can still make that an issue means that job one to three has been failing and if your first three priorities are failing you can’t lay claim to being a successful administration.”

He said he believed the challenge would be resolved partly by ensuring Barbadians had more money to spend.

“I am asking you to think on these things. This election is about bringing correction to the misdirection that has hit you hardest in your pockets and is humbugging your lives. The Labour Party is here not to get power not just to be back in office but to rescue Barbados … and we are asking you to give your support to our candidate in this constituent and our candidates across Christ Church,” the attorney-at-law said.

He urged Christ Church constituents to “take us into your confidence so that we can put solutions in place, and one solution will be that the VAT on food where it strikes you most painfully, the VAT on electricity where it strikes you most painfully, will be carried back to the 15 per cent from whence it came as a first priority of a Barbados Labour Party government”.

“And we are saying to you as well … that we have to find a way to make sure that we put money in your pocket and it means therefore that a number of things have to be done of a developmental nature in Barbados.” (SC)

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