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Green House are the champions of the Frederick G. Smith Secondary School Inter-House sports.

Today at the school’s Trents, St. James grounds, the boys of Green House tallied 515 points while the girls got 278 for a collective 793 points. Red House took second spot with the boys copping 256 points and the girls, 297 for a total of 553 points. Blue House finished third with 389 points with the boys tallying 202 points and the girls, 187. Yellow House finished in fourth position with 367 points with the boys scoring 115 points and the girls 252.

The Under-15 boys’ divisional champ was Kadeem Alleyne of Green House with 56 points, while Akeem Welch of the same house had 44 points. Toyan Bishop copped 18 points. Red House’s Shae Coulthrust finished tops among the girls in the same division with 29 points, while Atanya Jones of Yellow House had 22 points and Brittany Thorington of Yellow, 18.

The Under-13 girls’ champion was Shanice Francis of Yellow House with 28 points with first place finishes in the 400m and 200m, and second position in the 100m. Cassia Bruce of Green House was second in this division with 24 points. She finished second in the 400m and 800m and third in the 200m. Red House’s Ryanne Archer was third with 20 points from a second place in the 200m and third places in the 100m and 400m.

Donovan Branch of Red House was the best among the Under-13 boys with 35 points from wins in the 400m, 200m and 100m. He also finished fourth in the 800m. His house mate Jadan Jordan was second in this division with 30 points, winning the 800m, while coming second in the 400m and third in the 100m and 200m.

Another outstanding performer on the day was former NAPSAC stand-out Shonte Cole of Red House. The first-former had wins in the 200m and 400m, as well as a second place in the 100m. She also anchored her team to victory in the 4x100m relay. †

Green House’s Joshua Yearwood (42 points), Kaynanne Gibbs (22 points) and Tamona Layne (22 points) also performed outstandingly during the exciting day’s event.††

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