Dale’s a must

St. Joseph needs Dale Marshall just as much as Barbados needs Owen Arthur and his Barbados Labour Party members.

The Deputy BLP leader was publicly endorsed by supporter Ivor Hoyte last night during a public meeting at Lammings, St. Joseph. “I want you to remember that the eyes of Barbados are upon the constituency of St. Joseph,” Hoyte told the audience.

“They want to see the outcome of this election, they wants to see if it be our candidate or if it be another candidate, but I want you to remember that St. Joseph is rich in political history. It is the only constituency in this island that has presented a Premier and a Prime Minister,” he said, referring to Sir Grantley Adams.

“So it is history that we are speaking about and it is history that we have to garner… We have to vote for Dale Marshall and continue that rich history, we cannot at this time write off Dale…

“In coming to St. Joseph Dale has continued with that path. He has come and he has not let down the Barbados Labour Party, he has not let down the constituents of St. Joseph and he has not let down himself either.”

Hoyte also credited Marshall with making “something happen” in St. Joseph during his tenure as MP. “Dale Marshall has an idea, he has a philosophy and he has ideals that he would like to see. He would like to see the transformation of this constituency.” (SC)

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  1. Kay-rani rosita February 9, 2013 at 1:16 am

    So what did he make happen?
    You have used the word rich twice and it makes me wonder, will the BLP (Owen Arthur) sell off St. Joseph as they did the westcoast and most of the prime lands in Barbados to non-nationals?


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