Can’t turn back now

ronald jones looking to barbados’ future

Ronald Jones is going forward.

There is no turning back for him and the people of Barbados.

Speaking last night at the official launch of the Democratic Labour Party’s campaign in Passage Road, the City, he said too many gains had been made now for the people to hand back over the reins of government to the Barbados Labour Party.

“This is a call to action. This is a call to the development or our citizens and of country. It is a call to paint this country in the colours of the flag — gold, blue… This is a call to action that every man and every woman must answer.

“I remember in the dismal days when our late Prime Minister was going through his agony and the pain was wracked in his body but his mind was about his family yes, but his mind was also about Barbados.

“If you remember there was a speech and a letter he wrote to his constituents, now Mara’s constituents in St. John, and he said to them wrap yourself in the flag. That is what he said and if you understood or even now understand what he meant. He was saying to each and every one of us DLP, BLP, people from St. Lucy to St. Philip, this country must be important to you. You wrap yourself in the flag of Barbados…,” Jones said.

He asked the massive crowd attending the meeting which party could help them do that.

He reminded that it was the DLP which “took down the Union Jack and raised the Broken Trident” and told them that if David Thompson thought about Barbados and its people while he was in pain, then they should do what he requested.

“We should be proud of the work done by the Democratic Labour Party these last five years. Where at the centre of our being, at the centre of our actions, one thing stood constant and you know that which stood constant, it was our people.

“We took a determination led the by the late Prime Minister, led now by our current Prime Minister Freundel Stuart, that whatever we do that our people must stand at the centre of our deliberations, at the centre of our policies and that was not because we were fishing around, that was because it was an embedded part of our beings. It is part of what we are, where we came from,” the incumbent for Christ Church East Central said.

He added that the fact that thousands of people gathered at Passage Road were standing for long hours were showing their commitment to their country and they understood that their country needed them now more than ever.

Jones said the celebration with music and dancing was one to show appreciation for the 21 members who steered the country through the rough economic and financial times.

The minister of education said during a conversation his deceased grandmother she told him “when you go to Passage Road, young man, tell them you can’t turn back now”.

“That is what she said to me as we commune. Tell the people of Barbados they can’t turn back now after the difficulty of the middle passage. Now that we’ve placed our feet on land and now that we’ve looked to further develop our people you can’t turn back now, we cannot turn back now.

“It is a call to action — let every man, every woman, every little boy and girl, the thousands of young people in his audience raise your hands, raise your flags, what we do now is not for us, because we too shall pass. Ronald Jones will pass, Chris Sinckler must pass, Freundel Stuart will pass. But what we do now is for each and every one of you we plant the seed so that you will grow…,” Jones said. (DS)

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