Teenager involved in deadly crash gets bail

Victims in the wreckage of the bus involved in Sunday’s accident.
Victims in the wreckage of the bus involved in Sunday’s accident.

GEORGETOWN – The 17-year-old implicated in last Sunday night’s accident on the Mon Repos public road was Wednesday placed on GUY$750,000 bail for five charges including causing death by dangerous driving.

Sparendaam Magistrate Alex Moore granted the teen his pre-trial liberty after considering bail application submissions by defence lawyer, Hukumchand.

The lawyer successfully got the magistrate to consider that the School of the Nations student was preparing for examinations.

Gidram Rasiawan of 15 Eccles, East Bank Demerara was charged with two counts of causing death by dangerous driving and was not required to plea to the indictable charges.

Those killed in the collision between the Tundra pickup and the minibus were driver Godfrey Daniels, 42, of Anns Grove Village and passenger Shondell Yaw of Annandale who was a teacher.

The youth pleaded not guilty to taking a vehicle without consent, being an unlicensed driver for that class of vehicle and breach of third party insurance.

He has to return to court on April 4. Until then, he has to report to the Providence Police Station every Saturday morning. He was also ordered to lodge his passport.

The defence lawyer said Rasiawan, a 5th form student, was due to write examinations in May and that granting his client bail would help to alleviate some of the mental trauma he was experiencing.

According to Hukumchand, the accused was driving when another vehicle attempted to pass him. He added that Rasiawan’s vehicle slipped off the edge of the road and skidded into the path of the bus.

The prosecutor objected to bail based on the seriousness of the offence and the fact that eight persons were still hospitalised, though in a stable condition. Seven others have been discharged.

The prosecutor also asked the court to consider the state of mind of Rasiawan at the time of the accident.

At that juncture, Magistrate Moore repeatedly expressed grave concern about the apparent attempt to mislead the court earlier this week by bringing only the charge of driving under the influence of alcohol for which the teenager was granted GUY$7,500 bail.

The prosecutor could not offer any reasonable explanation why the police decided to proceed with the case in that manner. (Demerara Waves)

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