Realm of fantasy

Students of Graydon Sealy Secondary School will be stepping into the realm of fantasy when the inaugural model search comes off on February 21.

“It is organised and produced by the school’s Department of Art,” said Theatre Arts teacher Stephanie Chase.

“The students have been undergoing a number of training sessions. They also have a building school spirit challenge where they create or implement an activity which gets the entire school involved. The Lower School girls will depict fantasy themes from Walt Disney fairy tales in costume and evening wear. The upper school girls will depict fairies, avant grade from reusable materials, they will also wear personal style casual and designer wear which is sponsored and the boys have the same categories as the upper school girls but they depict gods along with avant garde from reusable materials,” she told Barbados TODAY.

Chase explained that each child has a mentor, a teacher, who assists them.

“The purpose of the event is to bring greater awareness to the importance of Arts and tie it into the broader curriculum across the school. So the students have to do research, display creativity, build self confidence, school spirit etc,” she added.

The show starts at 7 p.m in the school’s Mannie Bowen Auditorium. (DS)

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