Political fogging

In times of war events may become confusing and confused. The resultant reporting of the event or events maybe somewhat unclear and it is put down to the fog of war.

To hear the Democratic Labour Party attempt to belittle the proposals of the Barbados Labour Party as ‘opposition politics’ and of little value because they come from an opposition party, clearly demonstrates that they wish us to have not only a fog of politically forgetfulness but also a faith in the correctness of five years of propaganda from the Caribbean Broadcasting Corporation.

Yet, our clear memories go back to 1986 and the famous or infamous “back raise” and the subsequent distancing of the same party from that policy five years later, to say nothing of the more recent 2008 promises and the subsequent non-implementation of many of the said promises.

The attempt at political fogging cannot obscure the harsh realities in country and the desperate situation in which some people find themselves. I know this from telephone calls I receive from early in the morning, sometimes before I am out of bed. Times are hard and no attempt to obfuscate should deter you from voting in the quest to make things better.

See through the fog and vote.

— Michael Rudder

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