No leadership in Bim

In St. Peter:

He is the only candidate of the New Barbados Kingdom Alliance and party leader Lynroy Scantlebury says the leadership of Barbados will come down to a case of “the lesser of two evils”.

However, the candidate who successfully completed his nomination process for St. Peter at the Roland Edwards School this morning said he does not ever want to see Barbados under the leadership of Barbados Labour Party’s Owen Arthur again.

“What Barbados needs right now is better leadership, strong leadership, futuristic leadership. We have no leadership right now whatsoever. Mr. Stuart has done an awful job as Prime minister of Barbados…

“Barbados is not getting any better and unfortunately we have to put the lesser of two evils there right now. I would not like to see an administration that is led by Owen Arthur ever again in Barbados and I want to be absolutely clear about this. We have to put the steps to bring Barbados from where it is to where it needs to be,” said the independent. (LB)

In Christ Church West:

When independent candidate, Taan Abed, turned up at the Arthur Smith Primary School in St. Matthias, Christ Church at 10:30 a.m today to hand in his nomination papers, he was accompanied by his wife, Lorraine and 45 supporters from the constituency of Christ Church West.

There were reports that on seeing Abed several of the young students of the school shouted, “Uncle Taan, Uncle Taan”.

Oriel Johnson proposed Abed, while Anderson Hunte was the seconder. Founding member of the Democratic Labour Party, 92 year old Cecil Cumberbatch and Andrew Cave were witnesses.

Johnson, who is Abed’s campaign manager will also perform the role of Election Agent.†(NC)

In St. Michael South:

Independent candidate, Alex Mitchell, did not despair when two of his three supporters were called out to work today at the last moment, and one opted out at the last moment.

Mitchell, who is the President of the Coalition of Unified Party was forced to look for replacements before the 3 p.m. deadline.

It was not until 2:45 p.m. that he found the replacements to qualify as a candidate in the constituency of St Michael South.

Mitchell, who is a retired US marine, told Barbados TODAY that he was willing to enter a debate with Prime Minister Freundel Stuart and Opposition Leader, Owen Arthur.

“I am ready for years to enter in a debate with Stuart and Arthur. The truth has to be told in this country,” Mitchell said. (NC)†

In Christ Church South:

The Christ Church South political contest will have an independent candidate in the general election of February 21.

Independent candidate, Steve Hunte, told Barbados TODAY that members of his family were his proposer, seconder and witnesses in his nomination today.

Laurie Hunte was the proposer, while Cliff Hunte was his seconder. Pauline Hunte and Merlene Trotman were the winesses in the nomination process.

Hunte handed in his nomination documents at 10:30 a.m. at the St. Lawrence Primary School.

Hunte acknowledged that Barbados has enjoyed a stable economy and government over the years. He however maintained that there has been a lot of internal haemorrhaging in the system. (NC)††

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