No fears of losing

In St. George North:

nominationdayblpglineclarkemobileGline Clarke, the Opposition Barbados Labour Party incumbent MP for St. George North made it “abundantly” clear this morning, he had no fears of losing the coming general election, considering he had been representing the constituency well, for the past 18 years.

Clarke, who had moments before handed in his nomination papers at The Valley Resource Centre, arrived about three minutes after his opponent had completed his process.

The BLP candidate was accompanied by a 40-member, red-cladded team led by a small decorated car “splashed” with posters of the candidate.

In a process that took about 15 minutes, Clarke was proposed by Holeman Adamson and seconded by Clestine Crockendale, while Esther Callender and Brenda Moore assented.

He continued to voice his belief that his party would secure the government, as he appealed to his opponents to be calm and let democracy prevail, a specific referrence to what he claimed was poster vandalism for the first time in St. George North. (EJ)

In St. Michael North East:

The small Secretary’s Office at St. Matthew’s Primary School in St. Michael was transformed into a nomination centre for this month’s general election for candidates contesting the St. Michael North East riding.

There was just enough room to accommodate the Opposition Barbados Labour Party candidate, Mia Mottley, Returning Officer, Gwendoline Bridgeman-Bushell, Election Clerk Adrian Walcott, Election Officer, Corey Archer, and Mottley’s team.

She was proposed by Harold Nurse, seconded by Vivian Goodman, while Alvin Cox and Michelle Carrington signed as witnesses.

A 30-member contingent of poster waving backers, who had earlier arrived in a coach, followed the former Opposition leader as close to the centre as they could, after she had arrived at around 11.15 am., accompanied by her mother, Amor.

Mottley paused on her way out of the centre to issue a message of unity for all Barbadians: “We equally have to use this opportunity to work with people across-the-board and I have been very clear in my comments that after election day, Barbados is going to need all people on deck to help put this country back on track where we know that in our heart of hearts it can be,” stated the incumbent MP for the constituency. (EJ)††

In St. Michael North West:

His supporters came armed with brooms and mops and when Barbados Labour Party candidate, Gregory Nicholls, emerged teachers at the Ellerslie Secondary School could not restrain the students as they came running out of classes to greet him.

That was the reception Nicholls received in contrast to the cold reception Minister of Finance, Chris Sinckler, met on arrival at the school earlier today.

When queried about the presence of brooms and mops, a confident Nicholls replied: ” We are cleaning up the junk that the Democratic Labour Party has defined Barbados by. The complacency, the don’t-care attitude, the not reading reports, the lack of attention to details, not committed to meeting the key sectoral leaders to iron out the problems and the challenges. These are the things we have to clean up on assuming office after February 21.”

On hearing that the students had booed Chris and his large entourage, Nicholls said: ” I heard that the students booed my opponent. Young people are aware that their parents have to juggle with bills. They are aware that their parents used to give them money to buy clothes and attend social functions. They no longer can afford these things anymore. The young people know that there is hopelessness. The DLP is cursing the BLP on their platforms.” (NC)

In St. Michael South Central:

Barbados Labour Party candidate David Gill entered a quite St. Michael School this morning to complete his nomination process in his bid to become the next representative for the St. Michael South Central constituency.

There was not much fanfare as the former Harrison College alum walked the corridors of the Martindales Road, the City-sited school, but his face nevertheless was one of extreme confidence, as were those of the supporters that thronged him.

In the hall his nomination was completed also without much ado and before long, declaring his confidence, the professional biochemist and self-employed consultant was leaving the compound to continue his own campaigning where he has promised to increase access to daycare facilities, to focus on the development of technical and vocational skills and to develop a resource centre at the Victor Gas Clarke Sports Complex. (LB)

In Christ Church East Central:

With his late father Duncan Carter as his example, Desmond Sands is ready to serve.

“[W]hen I walked through the constituency, one thing people have said to me was that [my father] didn’t have a lot of fanfare but it was [about] the little things he did for people. If there is one thing I want to learn from him is [I don’t need] to shout about the things I have done for people, it is about getting the result.”

Sands was speaking to the media after his official nomination as a candidate for Christ Church East Central, which got underway around 11 a.m.

Describing the experience as a “humbling” one, the former police inspector, now lawyer, revealed it was something that his father would be have been proud of if he were alive.

Estherline Lovell proposed Sands’ nomination, which was seconded by Shanisha Lorde. Tesheera Philip and Anthony Branch served as witnesses.

If given the nod, Sands stated he would be focused and true to his word while serving the community, especially unemployed youth: “people say you only see representatives one time a year and I am pledging that… when I am elected, I will always represent people’s interest.” (LW)

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