Lynch looking forward to beating PM

In St. Michael South:

At Graydon Sealy Secondary School, Prime Minister Freundel Stuart should be dreading the upcoming battle for the St. Michael South seat he held between 2008 and Parliaments’ recent dissolution.

nominationdaynoellynchandwifeHis Barbados Labour Party challenger Noel Lynch, who was MP in the riding for two consecutive terms prior to Stuart is confident he will make the prime minister see red on February 21.

He threw down the gauntlet to the Democratic Labour Party leader this morning after handing in his nomination papers just after 11 this morning at the Graydon Sealy Secondary School.

There was no sign of nervousness as the smiling former Minister of Tourism walked onto the school compound holding hands with his wife Debbie Stoute. They were followed by more than a dozen supporters, many of them dressed in red BLP campaign shirts and bearing placards with the candidate’s photo.

Well known Barbadian singer Mark Lorde nominated Lynch and this was seconded by Rosemary Leon, after which witnesses Myriam Kennedy and Pamela Greenidge also signed the nomination papers under the supervision of Returning Officer Egaton Thompson and Election Clerk Joy Peterson.

Lynch told the media immediately afterwards that he intended to defeat Stuart, who he called a weaker candidate than Sir Lloyd.

“We need to put an end to failed government in this country and the people have spoken and they are going to speak loudly on February 21,” Lynch said.

With a smile on his face, he added, “I don’t see a challenge. Mr. Sandiford [now Sir Lloyd] was more difficult to beat than Mr. Stuart and we beat Sandiford and we are going to beat Stuart too.

“In the tradition of great prime ministers of Barbados Mr. Stuart doesn’t fill any of those shoes and therefore I think beating him will not be that difficult.

“We are accustomed to decisive serious prime ministers, people who make decisions, people who stand up for their people. Mr. Stuart has failed on every count and I believe that the people of St. Michael South, just like the people of Barbados, are going to vote red February 21,” he noted.

Lynch also told reporters not to forget that he had “beaten Stuart already in 2003 in the same constituency”. (SC)

In the City of Bridgetown:

At Bethel Methodist Church, BLP candidate Jeffrey Bostic is hopeful that the constituents of the City of Bridgetown will not reward their previous parliamentary representative’s “poor performance” when they go to the polls in two weeks.

After being officially nominated as an election candidate this morning, he emerged from the Bethel Methodist Church’s Donald Henry Auditorium on Bay Street “feeling very good”.

“My chances are very, very good indeed because of the poor performance to start with of the outgoing administration and certainly the non performance of… Patrick Todd,” he told Barbados TODAY.

Bostic was nominated by his sister Jacqueline Bostic, seconded by Evadney Turney and the process witnessed by Colvin Hazel and Mark Kellman. The candidate was accompanied by several other supporters. (SC)

In St. Philip West:

At Princess Margaret Secondary School, BLP Candidate Lynette Eastmond said that everything ran smoothly this morning. We started at Rices, where we went to support Anthony Wood, then went to support Indar Weir at Hilda Skeene so now we’re here at Princess Margaret,” she said.

“Based on the response I’m getting from the residents of the constituency it seems as though they believe they can have a better Barbados with the Barbados Labour Party.

Eastmond, who is facing the polls for a third time, was proposed by Anthony Lynch, seconded by Paul Tempro and Ian Smitten.

The Returning Officer for the constituency is Pauline Morgan, and Easton Headley the Election Headley. Deputy Supervisor of Elections, Ian Browne also witnessed the process.

In St. Michael East:

At Barbados Community College, a Crop-Over atmosphere descended on St. Michael East earlier today as BLP candidate, Trevor Prescod, made his way through the Back Ivy and the Ivy Main Road on his way to formally sign his nomination papers. Accompanied by stiltmen, drummers and a fairly sizeable number of supporters, Prescod arrived promptly at 10 a.m. to affix his signature to the documents before Returning Officer for the constituency, Jeffrey Headley and Deputy Returning Officer, Michael Ford.†Prescod was proposed by Aminata Holder of Neil’s Tenantry, and seconded by Cecily Harris of Kingston Terrace. The nomination process lasted just over 45 minutes.

In a brief interview with a team from Barbados TODAY, Prescod said he mobilised people from all areas of the constituency to witness the nomination process. He pointed out that the fight within the “trenches” begins when the party holds a meeting at Back Ivy. The candidate is expected to outline his programme for the constituency over the next two weeks and examine such issues as the cost of living, the demise of small businesses and the quality of leadership.†(NC)††††

In Christ Church West ..

At Arthur Smith Primary School, BLP first timer Dr. Maria Agard might be hoping that the prayer she received this morning will be the nail in the coffin against the Democratic Labour Party candidate, Verla DePeiza.†

This morning Agard, along with a large group of cheering supporters including former representative for the constituency, Dr. William Duguid, marched through St. Matthias to the nomination centre nominated as the BLP representative. At the school she was greeted by more fans, this time a gathering of children who were excited to meet her and learn more about the political process. She appeared very comfortable and confident as Duguid held her hand aloft and when she entered the nomination centre she looked equally comfortable as she smiled, interacted with the officers and made sure her papers were in order. (KC)

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