Jones on the job

In Christ Church East Central:

Incumbent Ronald Jones said that more than 600 jobs have been provided to the people of Christ Church East Central during his tenure.

“I have usually kept quiet on this figure, because it can inspire a bit of jealousy… There are still others that you have to work with, and I pledge to continue working with them,” he told the media this morning after being nominated for reelection.

Arriving just before 10 a.m., Jones was met by a group of supporters who chatted among themselves outside the Milton Lynch Primary School. Returning Officer Michael Sealy and Election Clerk Vincent Thomas officiated his nomination process, accepting the proposal from Joyce Padmore, which was seconded by Anthony Padmore. Tawana Weekes and Mark Springer were the witnesses.

Jones was confident – but “not cocky” he would regain his seat on February 21 with hopes of a winning by a greater margin.

“In 2003 I won with about 290 votes, in 2008 I won by 946. I would expect that even with the challenges that we faced, based on what has been done nationally and what has been done in the constituency the numbers will go up higher. I am extremely enthused with the support given by the youth, because it is said that the youth don’t get involved. I am getting a tremendous response from the young people,” he said.

The former educator also encouraged more people to vote. In 2008, Christ Church East Central had a voter turnout of 64 per cent, but Jones said he would like to see at least a 10 per cent increase.

“If it could be in the region of 75 per cent, it means the message would have been achieved. I want to see our men vote more, our youth vote more most of all I want to see our women leading the charge…”. (LW)

In St. James Central:

Democratic Labour Party candidate for St. James Central, George Hutson, demonstrated his support for the physically challenged earlier today, when his proposer was wheelchair bound Kayode Herbert.

Herbert was among 25 supporters who accompanied the incumbent to the nomination centre at Frederick G. Smith Secondary in Trents.

Hutson completed the nomination process an hour after his political opponent, Kerrie Symmonds, handed in his nomination papers to Returning Officer for St. James Central, Marcia Graham. The Minister of International Transport and International Business was seconded by Beryl Weekes, while branch chairman, Andrew Moseley and Juliette Prescod were witnesses.

In a brief interview with Barbados TODAY, Hutson was confident that he and the party will emerge victorious in the February 21 general election.†(NC)

In St. Michael West Central:

At Lawrence T. Gay Memorial, Team James Paul was the first in the gates. Entering around 10:30 a.m., his “troops” assembled from the Popular Supermarket car park on Spooner’s Hill and was ably led by one of his witnesses, Yvonne Millar, and her walking stick. With their placards raised they walked to the school, though their chants were not loud there a†seriousness etched on each individual’s face which prompted pedestrians to stand still to watch them. Vehicles which passed them honked their horns in support.

Inside the nomination centre there was not much talk either. Returning officer, Leonard Walters, and election clerk, Carlisle Murray, greeted the Chief Executive Officer of the Barbados Agricultural Society and swiftly started the process.

Paul clutched his wallet in his left hand and his identification card in his right, all the while his wife, Bridget, sat closely not uttering a word but ready to help if needed. Smiles were non-existent as the Proposer, Sylvia Alleyne, then the Seconder, Oswald Howell, signed their names in approval of the incumbent moving forward. With Witnesses, Millar and Mary Taylor following the nomination process closely they adjusted their seating to accommodate Paul’s Agent, Chris Walters, and Paul himself, minutes later with a firm handshake the returning officer declared he was nominated.

Speaking to the media after, the DLP candidate said he was confident that the people of St. Michael West Central would again give him the majority of votes.

“We have done our best for the constituency, some may say it is not enough, but it is the best that the Government could do at the time. In my second term I intend to broaden the programmes and expand the sports programme started in this constituency… this political process is just an interruption to those programme [and] once it is over I can continue the work,” he said confidently as former representative for St. Michael South East, Hamilton Lashley looked on in approval. (KC)††

In St. Michael East:

At Combermere School, when Democratic Labour Party candidate, Steve Blackett, arrived this morning, he did so with little fan fare. There were no music trucks or multitudes of people chanting like other candidates. Instead, the incumbent for St. Michael Central was accompanied by a small contingent, including wife, Eleanor. He appeared confident that he would win another term in the constituency. After he was officially nominated, the Minister of Social Care and Constituency Empowerment engaged in a short interview with the media. (KC)

In St. James South:

At West Terrace Primary, one of the candidates contesting the upcoming general elections says the current campaign has not been a clean one up to now. Speaking this morning after handing in his nomination papers, the ruling Democratic Labour Party’s candidate Donville Inniss blamed Opposition politicians of telling “dirty lies” on their platforms.

“And it’s not just over the past couple of days. The Barbados Labour Party has waged a nasty campaign against me on the social media and around this place over the last five years and I have stayed focus,” said Inniss.

“I have stayed on message,” added the Minister of Health, “I’ve not been distracted or deflected from the work that I have to do.”

He believed what some of the newer candidates, including his opponent were looking to do, was generate sympathy, by making all sorts of “spurious” accusations.

“Yesterday, a young man, whom I assumed is a Barbados Labour Party supporter, was seen tearing down my posters throughout Haynesville, Durants Village, Thorpes Main Road, etc, and my guys obviously were not pleased about it. And I said to them, get in your vehicle and leave,” the cabinet member recalled. (EJ)

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