First-timers confident

In St. Michael South East:

Barbados Labour Party candidate for St. Michael South East, Santia Bradshaw is aware that she has an example in her father, former Parliamentarian Delisle Bradshaw.

But today as she climbed to the back of a red truck, surrounded by red-clad and placard waving supporters, the first-timer seemed determined to stamp her own mould on the constituency once her nomination was completed.

Accompanied by her parents, including her mother Shirley and a large party of supporters, Bradshaw’s nomination process at the Parkinson Secondary School similar to others around the island was not a lengthy one, and as she emerged it was clear she was confident of “bringing home the bacon” for her party. (LB)

In Christ Church West Central:

Margo Durant-Callender is hoping to extend her love for working in the community to the hallowed halls of parliament.

The first-time candidate said she wanted to focus on helping the youth and women in Christ Church West Central, where she will be squaring against the incumbent Stephen Lashley.

She told media at the Deighton Griffith Memorial Secondary where she completed her nomination process today that she believed residents were tired of Lashley’s representation, based on her interactions thus far: “Out there I am getting one response: they are disappointed, upset and they feel that their representative has not been there for them.”

Her nomination was proposed by Monica Niles and seconded by Quinzell Gaskin and witnessed by Patricia Sealy and Romar Clarke. (LW)

In St. Michael West Central:

There was a sea of red flowing along Spooner’s Hill in St. Michael this morning, as throngs of Barbados Labour Party supporters dressed in their red and waving placards and flags marched from Long Gap headed to the Lawrence T Gay Primary School to nominate their candidate for the St. Michael West Central seat, Ian Gooding-Edgehill.

“Tings dread, we voting red” was the chant echoed as close to 50 fans, including two babies, braved the roasting midday sun to give their support.

The first time hopeful, who after the nomination process, said he was confident of his chances in the constituency, appeared very self-assured as he sat patiently with a constant smile on his face throughout the process. (KC)

In St. Michael Central:

Arthur Holder is a first time candidate but he had support “to the max” today.

The Barbados Labour Party candidate for St. Michael Central looked cool-headed as he and his party of supporters walked through the gates of the Combermere School this afternoon.

With his daughter in the mix he walked, with his shoulders erect, head held high, into the nomination centre with the hope that come February 21 he will be victorious against Democratic Labour Party incumbent, Steve Blackett. (KC)

In St. James South:

Flanked by fellow candidate Kerrie Symmonds, who arrived in a glistening red sports car, Barbados Labour Party hopeful Sandra Husbands smiled all the way into her nomination centre at West Terrace Primary this morning.

“My chances actually are excellent because this seat only requires a three per cent swing; right now the swing is at [70] per cent. So I have been working very hard on the ground, we’ve been canvassing, getting in touch with people… and based on the response and the turnout that we are anticipating we are going to win this election,” stated a confident Husbands.

Scores of supporters filled the nomination centre and the mood was jubilant, with some school students expressing excitement at the process. Everywhere shirts declared that “Tings dread, we voting red”, much to the candidate’s pleasure. (LB)

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