Everybody hates Chris


Christopher Sinckler’s tenure as constituency representative and his ministerial handling of the local economy received sharp criticism last night.

At the Barbados Labour Party meeting held in Deacons Farm, St. Michael, Sinckler’s constituency, some members of the BLP lent their support to first-time candidate Gregory Nicholls and encouraged residents to keep Sinckler out of Parliament.

One of the speakers, Kerrie Symmonds, charged that the people of St. Michael South West were merely a “rung in Sinckler’s ladder to achieve success”, stating that he cared more for business from outside the country than he did for his own people, especially at a time when businesses such as Courts (Barbados), DaCosta Mannings and Automotive Art, among others, had recently sent home of its workers.

Giving the example of Cost-U-Less, he stated: “They will not have to pay input tax and no VAT for 15 years… So Chris Sinckler choose to give [to others] what you who navel string buried here can’t even think of getting!” Symmonds asserted.

St. James South hopeful, Sandra Husbands, told the robust crowd that the DLP took Barbadians for a ride and now “play us for fools” after a record of broken promises were delivered to the public.

“They promised they would give us an ease on VAT for electricity, but it has doubled… They promised duty-free cars for public service … but brought increasing road tax and … gasoline,” she stated.

Reverend Joseph Atherley reiterated these points, adding that the job of minister of finance was “too big for him” and he was therefore a failure at the task.

Atherley also accused Sinckler of being unable to keep his word on projects of national significance, such as the Four Seasons project as well as the reduction of the 17.5 per cent Value Added Tax.

“To manage the Barbadian economy at the best of times is a difficult job. To manage the Barbadian economy at the worst of times is an extremely challenging job. Over the past several years, it has been proven to be too challenging for Mr. Sinckler…

“Rather than be focused on the pain and the hurt that the people in Deacon’s Farm are feeling, they are concerned about satisfying their requirements to international rating … and lending agencies.”

The religious minister encouraged those gathered to vote for their future and “against the Government that has mismanaged the economy.” (LW)

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